The NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme, introduced in the year 2013, provides support to disabled people, their families and also carers all over Australia. This scheme is being jointly governed and sponsored by states and territory governments of the country. The main feature of the NDIS scheme is to support packages that are granted to eligible individuals with disabilities. By the end of the year 2020, this scheme should be implemented in all cities and also regional areas of Australia. The initial move towards NDIS can be bit confusing to many. As a new participant, it appears bit hard to become familiar with all ins and outs of this far reaching scheme.

Check out below about eligibility criteria, what all you are paid for and process of bringing NDIS plan to your life in a way that you get benefitted the most.

Find Out Your Eligibility
In order to become eligible for NDIS, the initial thing you are required to determine is whether the scheme is available in the city or region you are residing in. At present, the majority of towns and areas of the country are being covered. All you have to do is to check out the coverage of your local area on the map.

Once you find your eligibility for the NDIS plan according to your location, just ensure the eligibility criteria listed below are met.

The candidate must meet the requirements mentioned below:

  • Aged in between 7 – 65 years (support available for children under seven years)
  • Living in Australia and holding permanent residency
  • Requiring support from another person due to permanent/ significant disability

In case, you have no surety whether you or any of your family members qualify for the NDIS plan or not, you can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency through the phone. Call at (03) 7035 6964. This is the first organization to connect to while applying for the NDIS grant. Thus you need to speak to the concerned person at some stages of the application process or afterward.

Here are a few tips for all those individuals trying to get as much possible as they can from NDIS

There is an extensive array of NDIS disability supports, services, and also equipment that the National Disability Insurance Scheme covers. The eligible people are provided with funding that facilitate them to indulge in all that improves quality of life, helps them to become independent and achieve goals. The assistance by NDIS could be in the form of finding suitable job, accommodation or participation in community activities. The NDIS funding covers widest range of supports. You should be able to get most appropriate information. When you are informed, you will be much more empowered to realize all your goals through NDIS. One right way to start your research is to log into the NDIS site.

Review Plan
Although NDIS funding lasts till the age of 65, it doesn’t mean that this particular plan is likely to stay the same throughout. With a change in goals or perhaps your needs NDIS plan will also change. Thus you should keep reviewing the plan regularly. It is quite a good idea to review plan at least a minimum of once in a year.

Perfect Plan
The NDIS plan is the core component of this insurance scheme. It is planning and, at the same time, ascertaining all your goals, which serve a key to the right funding to get the support you want.

Many disabled people or their families feel a bit nervous while preparing for getting ready for meeting with NDIS planner. However they can refer to quick guide that provides them all information on how to get started with a planning meeting.

Before beginning work with the planner, ascertain all your goals and all you would like to do to achieve them. The next step is to think about all assistance and support; you may need to realize your goals. You can refer to the NDIS planning tool. It is a step by step guide that comprises of all relevant questions and other helpful hints. Bring along with you all supporting documents that you feel could prove to be relevant for the meeting. Also, prepare a checklist for various other documents like referrals from physicians or therapists you may require for the meeting.

In case there is any aspect of NDIS you are not familiar with, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. You have every right to understand every aspect involved with NDIS plan.

Take your stress out by asking questions or seeking further clarification by contacting the NDIS office either through phone or mail.

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