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NDIS Disability & Home Care Services

The goal of our services is to provide an excellent disability care. Our aim is to make a positive impact on the quality of lives, so that you can make the most out of it and enjoy it to the fullest. At our organization, it is all about you and your personalized needs. There is never a single and one size fit solution for all.

At Happy Wish Care, it is our clients who are at the heart of whatever we do. We extend individualized NDIS services and Home care to all our clients. We are proud to be one of the top NDIS provider in Meblourne. Our disability care and NDIS services are at the highest quality.

Our NDIS Support Options

At our organization, we offer specialized services that you require for your individualized situation. Our team works closely with you to help identify and achieve all your NDIS goals that you have in mind. This also puts you in complete control and choice of the support service that you receive from us.

Personal Care /In Home Care

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Assisted Living And Personal Support

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Out And About

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Professional Cleaning or Gardening

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Support Coordination

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Book Keeping And Financial Planning

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Why Use Happy Wish Care For NDIS Services?

Disability care Melbourne
Client Focus

At Happy Wish Care, it is client who is at the heart of whatever we do. We extend individualized support and care to the clients. Since it is client who is the most important person, thus you and your family members exercise full choice and control over the services that you require.

Skilled And Experienced Staff

Our support workers are highly skilled and experienced in disabilities, mental health and deliver extraordinary services. We never compromise on quality over quantity, and thus, you can fully trust us for receiving the highest quality support and care. We employ a network of police checked and also accredited support workers who extend the best quality service.

We Visit You At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Our supportive team provides robust assistance all throughout your journey. Our experts visit you in the comfort of your home to listen to your needs and discuss all available options.

Exceptional Value For Money

Our organization offers fantastic value for money. Each and every dollar will actually be put to extremely good use for ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the service. Our care and support service is flexible in order to match to your individualized needs.


Our organization works solely for you. Thus we act in the best interests of clients. This means you will receive the best possible advice and support whenever you need it the most. We want to ensure that clients are fully comfortable with our professionals who are invited into the home. So we give you a chance to first meet them before choosing and feel that you are relaxed by your choice.

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Happy wish care is NDIS provider Mebourne

Happy Wish Care is an NDIS providers serving people with disabilities all over Victoria. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of NDIS services with kindness and compassion to all our clients. We believe that everyone should have access to caregiving that meets their unique needs and special care and having control and choice.

We provide NDIS services such as personal care, assistance with daily living, support workers, respite, companionship, Social activities, community activities, assistance with Social & Community participation, transport. We provide the best NDIS service and the best NDIS support value for the money. We also provide NDIS cleaning and NDIS support coordination.

ndis provider melbourne

sNDIS Provider That Understands NDIS Participants

At Happy Wish Care we support NDIS participants to participant in everyday life both in the community and at home. We are NDIS provider who understands that supporting people with disabilities can help them to feel that they belong as well as giving them the chance to learn new things and develop new abilities. At Happy Wish Care, we focus on the outcome that our NDIS participants need to achieve by identifying the skills and the NDIS services and home care support they need to reach these outcomes.

At happy Wish Care, we recognise that every participant needs a feeling of belonging with the same rights of chances, choices, and experiences like everyone else. We also respect diversity and welcome and respect people from all cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and languages.

Happy Wish Care is an NDIS providers that understands participants’ needs and understands that everyone’s preferences and requirements are different, therefore we provide customized support to help people with disability care. At Happy wish Care, we believe that having a disability does not mean being excluded from having access to all aspects of life but is to be included in every aspect of life.

Our focus is to help people with disabilities lead a happy, simple, and enjoyable life, we offer genuine NDIS services in Melbourne to people with mental and physical challenges. We work in alignment with the NDIS aims which is provide participants with choice and control and enable them to make their decisions on the NDIS support they need as well as guiding them through their NDIS journey.

Our NDIS support workers and staff are very skilled in their specialised area of support, we hire the best support workers and deliver high standard NDIS support services from personal care, participation in the community, assistance with their daily life, helping them to pursue education as well as provide a free consultation.

NDIS Provider That Understand NDIS Process And Services

Understanding NDIS can be overwhelming at first that is why Happy Wish Care is here to help you understand it and get the best out of your funding. We understand that every funding and budget is different to each person, depending on their goals and what they would like to achieve short term and long terms. After working with so many clients/NDIS participants we can work with them to maximize their funding by finding the right and most affordable at the same time qualified support. Whatever the client’s needs are, we always try our best to accommodate it. Assisting clients with everyday life’s support in both uncomplicated tasks and more complex tasks. Our NDIS disability support workers deliver outstanding service no matter how small or big the task is. NDIS Support services included preparing meals, personal care, help with daily routine, cleaning and helping with the kids.

At Happy Wish Care we help enable people with disabilities in Melbourne to realise their abilities and be part of the community, we believe that everyone has the right to access all aspects of life and have choice and control over their lives and the support they get.

Our Disability support workers Melbourne

Our disability support workers are very skilled and trained to provide excellent NDIS disability care services to NDIS participants in Melbourne. We assist NDIS participant to live a better life by facilitating their participation and interaction with the community, our NDIS support workers assist NDIS participants in taking them out shopping, to medical appointments, to help them travel and visiting friends and families, taking them to a sport or social events and building their confidence and social skills.

At Happy Wish Care our disability support workers deliver an in home care for NDIS participants and assist them with their daily activities such as personal care, showering, personal hygiene, financial management, dressing, assistance with medication and routine, meal preparations, helping with domestic activities and lifestyle monitoring to enable them to live as autonomously as possible.

We have extensive experience in providing NDIS support services in Melbourne, our disability care Melbourne service accommodates a wide range of conditions. Our home care workers ensure that all NDIS participants are able to live their life to the fullest, our home care workers are extremely friendly and very experienced caregivers for disabled people. Our NDIS support workers and caregivers have the expertise and skill to ensure that our clients get the best out of their life. All our disability support workers undergo a background check, interviews, police clearance checks, working with children. They perform their duties with compassion, care, attention to details and listing to the client’s needs.

Happy Wish Care is an NDIS provider in Melbourne that is value-driven, assisting people with disabilities to live an independent life. We create customized, unique, and complete approaches for each person with a disability based on their needs and special circumstances. Our services are designed specifically to suit NDIS participants goals set in their NDIS plan.

We customized services to ensure that NDIS participants receive the support they need and that disability care support assists them in achieving their goals.

At Happy Wish Care, we offer NDIS services to support individuals with disabilities to live a more independent life, NDIS services such as personal care, assistance with daily life, Respite, Employment and education, Accommodation, and very skilled NDIS disability support workers. Our main goal is that NDIS participants achieve their goals and overcome challenges as much as possible.

To ensure the comfort of each individual, we visit you in the comfort of your home and discuss with you NDIS services that are tailored to your unique circumstance, we also identify your challenges and offer solutions to overcome them.

Our NDIS service and home care are customer-centric and our professional team with you to meet your unique needs and produce the best possible outcome for you. All our NDIS service is of high quality and delivered in a very timely manner.

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